Are you allowed to bicycles or e-bikes ride on Angel Island?
Yes. Enjoy spectacular biking trails on Angel Island. Trails, suitable for beginners, intermediates, as well as advanced riders, are ready to be explored!
Bike Policy/Fee
Bicycles are welcome aboard the Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry. The fee is $1.00 per bike for round trip transportation. The number of bicycles allowed on board is limited only by the physical space available; in the rare event that all available space is taken, extra ferry trips will be made to accommodate all passengers, if possible.
Groups with Bikes
If you are planning to bring a large number of bicycles (15 or more) on board, please use our group reservation form to help us plan ahead so we can provide the best service possible. Be sure to note the number of bicycles you plan to bring in the “Comments/Special Requests” section at the bottom of the page.
Helmet Policy
For your safety, Angel Island State Park requires each bicycle rider to have and wear a helmet.
Bike Rentals
Bikes can also be rented. To explore options, click here.
Can I bring my dog to Angel Island?
No, only service animals that are covered under the American with Disabilities Act can visit Angel Island.
What are park hours?
Angel Island is open from 8 am until Sunset every day.
Are there hotels on the island?
No, but there are campgrounds that can be reserved through
What happens if I miss the last ferry?
This is not recommended, as you will have to pay a private company to come pick you up.
Can I buy a one way ticket?
Yes, we also sell one-way tickets just make sure you tell the crew so they can give you the correct price.
Can I bring a scooter, rollerblades or skateboard?
No, Angel Island only allows bicycles and e-bikes.
Are there picnic areas and BBQ grills?
Yes, in Ayala Cove there are both picnic benches and grills. They are first come, first serve. You will need charcoal for the grills.
Where are the restrooms?
There are restrooms in Tiburon at the ferry terminal as well as right in Ayala Cove when you disembark from the ferry.
How can I book a trip and what forms of payment do you take?
Advanced bookings online are recommended as the ferry does have a capacity. You can book online from our website for ferry tickets. We do not accept Clipper Cards, but we accept cash, credit card and ApplePay. If you arrive and try to purchase tickets at the gate, they will only be sold if there is space on board.
Where do I park?
We have a great parking map on our site here:
Do the parking lots accept credit/debit cards?
Most of the parking facilities in town accept cash or card.
Is the ferry wheelchair accessible?
What if I have questions about the tram tours, Immigration Station or food services?
Please visit the Angel Island Company's website at for information regarding the tram tours, bike rentals, USIS shuttle or food services. 
Please visit Angel Island State Park's website
for information regarding USIS Tours, museums, camping information, boat mooring information and for current open activities within the Park.
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